Rabbi Date

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Product Description

Rabbi Date has attractive black color which is reddish black and soft texture.

Shelf Life : At room temperature about one year, under interim fumigation.

Harvest Time : end of August and usually continues until two month.


Growing region:

  •  Iranshahr and Zabol : their quality is high
  • Chahbahar and Saravan: their quality is good!

Moisture:Rabbi Date Moisture is nearly under 16%.

Shape:Rabbi Date shape is Long, oval, Semi dry, Linear, juicy and has thin skin with a little seed.

Size: Rabbi Date size is long, round(its size is available in relative) and its grade is normal, also there is another kind of Rabbi Date which is smaller, more dry and is so hard.

Taste: Rabbi Date has best tasting varieties of ِِDates, because this Date taste is sweet and has a unique delicious and indescribable taste.

Packing: Our company is always offering high quality products and most favorable service for our buyers, we take quality as important as service.
Features of Rabbi Date Packing:

  • Our product is available in three grades of AAA, AA and A
  • Packaging: 10 Kg Carton Box


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